What's Inside?

Dairy-Free Deliciousness 

Every month Cows Gone creates two very special flavors. Often these are two slow-churned and hand-packed pints of ice cream. Occasionally we create other incredible frozen treats like gluten-free ice cream cookie sandwiches, push-ups and mini ice cream cakes. Crafted from the finest ingredients,  we make frozen desserts that incorporate local fruits, vegetables and ingredients from Colorado food producers. Our unwavering commitment to quality produces the best dairy-free ice cream on the planet!


Makes the Perfect Gift

Have an ice-cream-loving, yet dairy-challenged friend or loved one? Don't let them endure another upset tummy. Give them the gift of pure ice cream joy! Suitable for vegans, the lactose-intolerant or any person who loves unique, carefully crafted, health(ier) frozen treats!


Need more reasons to sign up?

Cows Gone desserts not only tantalize your taste buds, you actually feel good enjoying our wholesome desserts. Always free of dairy, gluten and eggs, Cows Gone is an easily digested treat. Since our desserts are free of animal products, enjoying Cows Gone also means you are eating more plants! Who knew reducing the harmful effects of animal agriculture was so easy, fun, and delicious? Join the club today!