Our Great Adventure

Crafting the World's Finest Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Our great adventure began with one simple aim: create a dairy-free ice cream that is actually better than traditional ice cream. 

From humble beginnings in the "laboratory" of our founder's kitchen, to making our debut as "Over the Moo" at Denver farmer's markets, to then being picked up by major retailers like Whole Foods as "Cows Gone Coconut," we have learned a lot about crafting the world's finest dairy-free frozen desserts. We've also learned quite a bit about the packaged food industry and, most importantly, about what really makes us happy.

It turns out our happiness comes from creating exceptional new flavors. And while we always knew this, we thought, perhaps a bit naively, that we could create these amazing, ever-changing flavors on a large scale. But with the commitment to quality and resources of a small food business, achieving that goal was not making us happy!

So we tapped into our courage and made a difficult decision - to pull our products from store shelves and focus exclusively on creating an extraordinary customer experience. 

Welcome to our newest incarnation! Cows Gone is a subscription like no other. A vegan-ice-cream-of-the-month club that focuses on quality, fun and celebrating the amazing food producers that call Colorado home. If you like being surprised and delighted by craft ice cream, and if you like enjoying food that is unique to Colorado's Front Range - then join the club!